The all new DDR4 vs DDR3

With the release of DDR4 to the widescale market, we decided to check out the differences between it, and DDR3 (The until now, best on the market).

We checked out Crucial’s DDR4 offerings and were surprised at just how much of a speed increase the new modules have over the older DDR3 modules. With DDR3 bandwidth throughput maxing out at around 6.4Gb/s, DDR4 has almost tripled in efficiencey, with an over 17Gb/s throughput.

This really is quite something, as with most things PC related, the higher the number the better, even for a novice this is simple to understand.

So what does that mean for people looking to upgrade?

Well unfortunately for most of us, DDR4 isn’t backward compatible, with a new 288 pin configuration and a new “slot cutout” position, it’s impossible to fit DDR4 into an older DDR3 system, and likewise a motherboard which supports DDR4 will not accept a DDR3 module. In the past we’ve seen backwards compatibility through older DDR versions, but in this instance it isn’t possible. Chances are you have DDR3 and won’t be able to upgrade without also upgrading at least your mainboard (motherboard) which will work out costly.

As yet, until prices come down you may be better visiting a computer repairs shop in Dublin to see what upgrades are possible without costing too much.

Some new processors require DDR4 to even function, so we can see it becoming more common fairly quickly as technology moves on (which is happening at a blistering rate).