Space saving with a baby sling? Other benefits?

Baby slings are becoming more and more common, but there are still many mothers and fathers who have never heard of them, or even if they have, they haven’t tried them.

Not only that, there are many people who have tried them but did not get along with them – most likely because they wore them wrong, or had the wrong size, or positioned the baby incorrectly.

Finally, there are the group of parents who swear by baby slings and could not imagine carrying babies around without one, the first 2 may very well become one of the third group if properly educated on the benefits and methods of using a baby sling.

So, benefits – what benefits

A baby sling / carrier is as good as an extra 2 arms, how many times have you uttered the words “I only have 2 hands” or “I wish I had 4 arms”? Well a baby sling allows you to carry your baby around, keeping him or her close to you and still have your arms free to do other tasks.

With a baby sling, you’re not restricted by space, remember back before baby was born when you were pregnant? You walked around freely (even if slightly uncomfortably!) without having to push around a pram or buggy, and without your arms aching from carrying all day – a baby sling can make you feel like you are back as one with your baby, the sling will hold your baby close to you whilst you walk around as normal.

Going out for the day can be a real headache when you have to pack up your car, a huge pram can fill your whole boot space leaving no room for anything else – going for a picnic? Nope – no room for a picnic basket, holidays? No room for suitcases – ditch the pram and take a baby sling instead, it can be folded up into a small square and placed anywhere without taking up any space whatsoever.

With your baby laying in a baby sling or carrier you can see your baby in front of you at all times, you may even breast feed your baby whilst he or she is in the baby carrier, as it can be positioned in many different ways. Not only that, your baby will be able to see your face for comfort, and feel your warmth, being tucked up in a baby carrier is almost like being in the womb, making your baby feel safe.

A baby carrier keeps your baby close and safe, removes the bulk of a pram from your life and frees your hands up for every day use, so you certainly can’t argue that there are benefits, and this is precisely why the die hard users would never be without, it is also why we recommend that anyone who has their doubts, has never tried one, or found them useless in the past try again, ensure you use it properly, give it a chance for a week, and then see if you can do without!

Crane Hire – A low cost way to lift

For a crane, there is no job that is too big, or too small that is of course, if you hire the right type of crane for the job. For many building contractors, it is simply not possible to carry out some types of jobs without needing to hire a crane, so it is important – in fact, vital to ensure that you know what you’re looking for from a crane hire company. It may be that you don’t even know what type of crane you need for the job, many companies will have a selection of cranes available, for example hire several types of cranes.

The first thing you need to do is find out exactly what type of crane is required to safely carry out the work you require.

There are many different types of cranes available, ranging from cranes which are designed for rough terrain to cranes which are easily mobile, and of course those great tower cranes you often see on the skyline before a new building pops up. With that in mind, you need to consider the following points when deciding what crane hire company to use, and of course what type of crane you need for the job you are doing.

Ensure you hire a crane which is able to perform the job you need – if you have rough terrain with no way to level it out, but only require general lifting then an all terrain crain will do the job, otherwise you may need to build a stable base and hire out a tower crane – this will be assembled on your site, and is the type of crane which is used to construct tall buildings such as towe blocks and multi storey buildings, or even skyscrapers!

If you have nobody on your team who is qualified to drive a crane, you will need to hire an operator along with the crane – most crane hire companies will provide an operator for the crane, who will drive the crane to your site and perform all of the crane operating and related work for you. This is often the best option, as the operator will work with cranes day in – day out, and will know the crane well, whereas a qualified worker on your site is unlikely to be regularly controlling cranes.

Ensure that your crane operator, whether they are provided with the crane hire, or are one of your employees, are up to date and qualified in all of the latest health and safety procedures which must be adhered to whilst operating a crane.

Be sure that the crane you are hiring is fully serviced, this will not only show that the machine should be reliable and capable of doing the work you require, without braking down and grinding your project to a halt, it will also ensure that the company is at least reputable when it comes to their maintenance schedule.

You can never do enough research when it comes to hiring a crane – you need to be 100% certain that the company is reputable, safe, and reliable. Safety is a huge factor and any accident with a crane could seriously jeaporadise your project, or even your life. If a crane is operated incorrectly or unlicenced you could be in seriously hot water if something goes wrong, so be certain that the hire company is above board – ask people in your industry for recommendations, as word of mouth is often the best form of resarch.

Having the latest and greatest crane on the market isn’t required – older cranes will get the job done, but newer cranes are often more advanced and can work faster and safer than older models, don’t let this influence you too heavily, but if you’re stuck choosing between 2 companies then this may swing it for you.

Always always always see the relevant health and safety and maintenance certificates and if possible, take a copy for your records – if something does happen to go wrong, then you want to be sure that you can prove you were not negligent, this could be the difference between your insurance company paying out, or your business going under!