Using Digital Technologies to Safeguard your Home

As we’re all aware, the world of technology has rapidly evolved since the turn of the millennium, owing mostly to the advent of fast internet speeds and smartphones. Our lives are much more connected and once near-impossible tasks can be performed with a few flicks of our thumbs.


In many different elements of our lives, we’ve seen huge breakthroughs that have positively affected the lives of many. In our social lives, it is now possible to stay in touch with distant friends and family members at practically no cost. We can discover almost every necessary piece of information with a simple Google search. We can purchase goods & services in a matter of minutes. The list is endless.


But what has the coming of the digital age done for our safety? What innovations have occurred to make our homes more safe and secure?


The internet of things for one, has enabled us to control many home appliances with our smartphones. Such luxuries as being able to heat your home when driving home from work have been made possible. More advanced implementations of IoT are surely on the way – refrigerators that automatically order groceries when supplies are low could make the lives of many easier.


In terms of home security, companies are making intelligent and advanced alarm systems that are much more effective than traditional, ringing alarms. If you’re living in the capital, you can avail of the many effective alarms that Dublin has to offer. Homeowners can now control their home security features on the move using a smartphone app, like that of PhoneWatch. Arming the alarm, checking on the status of your home or monitoring the temperature of your home are just some of the useful features accessible through the technology.


In contrast to the days of multiple false alarms and neighbours ignoring a ringing alarm due to their propensity to activate without reason, alarms these days are much more efficient. The best kind of alarms are only activated when there is strong suggestion that a threat is occurring. Modern alarms will be kitted out with motion sensors and heat sensors which will alert the device to unusual activity in the home. When this takes place, high-definition cameras will snap multiple split-second images that are then sent to a trained surveillance team who can then analyse the threat and contact the relevant parties. All this happens instantaneously and thanks to these technologies, homeowners can now have much greater peace of mind when it comes to home security.