AMD affected by Windows 10 Update

Microsoft are in the process of rolling out the first major update release for Windows 10, and it is having some unexpected effects.

The update began rolling out last week, and we have since had many reports that the update is removing programs from user’s systsmes without any prior warning, and without permission.

Whilst the update itself is supposed to boost performance, improve Xbox compatibility, and enhance Microsoft’s Cortana, it appears to be removing third party hardware management programs – users have been reporting that CPU-Z and Speccy have been removed from their systems without any sort of notification, but more worryingly, AMD’s Catalyst Center has also been removed.

AMD’s Catalyst Center is the main control panel for AMD Radeon graphics cards used in many PC and laptop systems across the globe, and are a popular choice with gamers.

Users in the Windows 10 Subreddit over at Reddit have been taking to their keyboards to express their unhappiness at Microsoft’s latest actions.

Whilst most users seem happy that potentially incompatible programs would be disabled, almost all posters seemed to agree that removing programs without warning was not acceptable.

Microsoft have made it known from day one that Windows 10 updates would not be optional for home users, and that potentially dangerous software would be removed, and with this being the first major update to Windows 10, is this a sign of things to come?

Whilst we don’t have a problem with dangerous programs being removed, we have to question the motives behind it, and what exactly constitutes a dangerous program, because we’re fairly certain that AMD’s Catalyst Control Panel isn’t dangerous.

Whether Microsoft intend to continue down this path, or at least notify users of any potential conflicts with programs prior to removing them is yet to be seen, but with their intention to roll out Windows 10 to all Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems which have updates enabled in the next 12 months, the market share of Windows 10, and the number of affected users will certainly be larger.

Have you been affected by the recent Windows 10 update? What programs were removed for you? Let us know in the comments.

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