AMD Release New Crimson Edition Drivers & Control Centre

AMD have released a rather large change to it’s graphics drivers, and the Catalyst suite, replacing them with the new Radeon Crimson Edition software. This also includes AMD’s yearly major drive update, replacing the previous major update “Catalyst Omega” which added several new features.

So what’s new in Crimson Edition?

Well – quite a lot actually, the crimson edition software and drivers have taken into account community bug reports, fixing the top 10 bugs reported by the community. The stability is greatly increased over the Omega series of drivers, with greater testing done on various hardware, both manually in a real world situation, and by stress testing via automated programs.

So that covers stability, but there are many new performance and efficiency options, with game specific optimisations built in, directx 12 optimisation, power saving optimisation and frame rate improvements.

The software application itself also incorporates a shader cache for improved game loading, with less stuttering. custom resolution support, and additional features for OpenCL 2.0.

The UI has an all new look, faster startup times (Remember the slow loading of the older Catalyst Control Panel?!)

The optimisation options for gaming do produce some decent results, with SW: Battlefront loading almost 35% faster with AMD’s Shader Cache enabled.

We observed performance improvements across the board with various games we tested, the improvements aren’t going to change your life, or how you play, but they are certainly noticeable.

The new look is sleek, mondern, and places AMD well to increase quality across the brand.

Our conclusion: Update – the changes are worth the time required to complete the updates.

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