Android Dominating the TV Market?

Android has been going from strength to strength as an operating system, powering smartphones, netbooks and tablet PCs, but did you know, it is now also powering our TVs?

The latest TV technology has seen many of the big suppliers move to Android as the TVs base software, meaning you can run Android apps such as those you run on your smartphone, on your TV.

That may not sound like much, until you think of applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Kodi or XBMC which opens up a whole new world of TV viewing. Whether you like to watch TV boxsets, or catch up on your favourite soap operas, or like to watch sporting events, Android will really change the way you use your TV, and do away with the need for costly TV subscriptions.

That’s all very well for those of you who have the latest and greatest TV set, but what about those of you who have an older TV set which doesn’t run on Android, or perhaps isn’t even a Smart TV?

Well there’s good news – Almost any TV set is capable of using a Smart TV Box, Kodi TV boxes, also known as Smart TV Boxes or Android TV boxes plug into your TV via HDMI or AV cable, and run the Android operating system – think of it as an Android mini PC, and your TV as the monitor – these turn your TV set into a Smart TV for a relatively small cost and will allow you to do everything the latest Android Smart TVs do, without purchasing a new TV.

So you’ve got a new Android TV, or bought yourself a shiny new Android TV Box, what can you use it for?

Well now that your TV (or smart TV box) is running Android, you can think of it almost like a giant tablet PC – you can install games or other apps from Google’s Play app, apps like Kodi and XBMC which allow you to install hundreds of different addons to let you watch different types of content, Netflix, so you can watch your favourite shows back to back – everybody loves a good Netflix and chill session!

We have a game controller for our Smart TV Box which allows us to run emulator software to play all of our favourite games from yesteryear (Although it’s important to note, we own the games we play, and the console they belong to, it simply saves us digging them out from under the stairs!)

So – With Androids evolution into the TV market, your TV is will now be a full featured streaming media device, a games console, and a PC all in one!

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