Hoverboards seized amidst safety fears

Around 15 thousand hoverboards, or smart scooters have been seized by trading standards in the UK it has been announced.

UK Trading standards have seized more than 15 thousand of these self balancing scooters at many ports and airports across the UK in a bid to stop the flow of dangerous boards entering the country. Trading standards has said that, of 17000 boards which have been inspected, over 15000 of them were dangerous – that’s a whopping 88%.

So what makes these dangerous exactly – well, you might think it’s the chance of falling off and bruising your ego, but whilst that is true, it’s not the reason they are being seized. These smart scooters are seriously popular this year, and with any hot new gadget, many manufacturers across China put them into mass production, as quickly, and cheaply as possible.

Anything done cheaply and in a rush comes with it’s risks, but these have a particularly serious issue – an issue which could see you lose your home or your life – they can, and have been known to, burst into flames – quite literally.

Trading standards has said that some of the issues found were plugs which didn’t have a fuse – effectively meaning the wire itself would act as the fuse when it reached melting point, causing fire. Faulty wiring and chargers were also found in the shipments, adding more reason to be very diligent when purchasing these.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of these boards being seized, with Ireland’s CCPC (Competition and Consumer Protection Comission) seizing 1400 at Dublin port a little over a week ago, citing “Serious safety concerns” – these were rumoured to be headed for a well known high street retailer, although no official statement was released on this matter.

If you’re in the market for one of these this Christmas, the recommendation is that you ensure that the packaging has the manufacturers name or trademark visible, and that the product itself has a genuine CE mark.

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