Save Money and get Piece of Mind on the Road

Save Money and get Piece of Mind on the Road
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Having a good quality dashcam fitted in your vehicle will put your mind at ease whilst on the road – it will not only prove that you were not in the wrong should someone cause yout o be in an accident, it can also reduce your insurance costs. But there are so many different makes and models available on the market today, so what should you look for when trying to pick the best dash cam?

Firstly, it’s important to understand what features to look for in a dashcam.

The main purpose of a dashcam is to record video – whatever your reasons, whether it be to record a particularly scenic journey you are taking, or record a track day event, or simply to capture your journey and any incidents, the number one thing to look out for in any dashcam is the video quality.

Many of the earlier dashcam models, whilst recording video relatively well, had a poor resolution meaning that finer details such as car registrations or vehicle makes/models could not be easily made out, if at all. Today, dashcams have come on in leaps and bounds, with most, if not all new models supporting at least HD, and many even supporting Ultra HD.

So, feature 1 to look out for in your quest to purchase the best dashcam – video quality.

You need to look out for a camera which supports full HD recording, this is a simple enough task these days as the majority of modern dashcams support this as an absolute minimum – check out real world videos on Youtube, recorded by actual users, and see how clear the video playback is. Can you read number plates? If not then it may be an idea to look elsewhere. Remember, you’re likely to be driving at night too, so check out some night time videos too – you want excellent quality in both daytime and night time videos.

Right, so we’ve established video is important, but what else is there, really?

Well – the second most important factor has to be usability. Many dashcams come with wifi built in which allows you to not only view the live output from your smartphone, it also allows you to download your saved videos – if you want to share a recording of your journey, or even more importantly, share a video of an accident you were involved in, getting easy access to your videos is definitely important.

The third most important factor is price – why is price third, you ask? Well – the prices of dashcams range from around £30 to several hundred, there’s something to suit most budgets, but like most things, you get what you pay for, and whilst buying at the lower end of the market doesn’t always mean you’ll get a dog, it’s a lot more important to do your homework before purchasing a dashcam from the cheaper end of the range.

The fourth and final item we tend to look at when considering which dashcam (or indeed any other car accessory) to buy, is the looks – Now, we don’t really want a big ugly looking thing sitting on our dash or mounted to our windscreen, however, we’d prefer that to having a pretty little device which performed badly – never, ever put style over function!

So in short, you want to choose a device with excellent video quality, backed up by real world examples – not flashy promotional videos or advertisements. You want a device which is easy enough to use and has the features you’d expect, recording video is one thing, but being able to easily access and play back the video, and indeed download it, are just as important. We then touched on price, there’s something for all budgets so don’t think that the cheaper dashcams can’t keep up with the expensive range – this isn’t always true. Finally, we looked at styling – Function over style, always.

So once you’ve picked your dashcam, set it up and are actively recording, you can rest easy in the knowledge that should you be involved in an accident, you’ll have concrete evidence of exactly what happened, and why.

This has to be the number 1 item we recommend to anyone across the world today (assuming you drive!).

By Jon

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