Selling your internet based business

For those of you selling an internet business, or a website you’ve had for some time, it’s worth considering calling in the professionals.

There’s no denying that a car dealership sells cars for more than a private seller, and the same works with websites and domain names, brokers such as are experts when it comes to valuing, marketing and selling online businesses, and that’s why you shouldn’t overlook what a broker can do for you.

If your website is generating a stable, monthly income then you can expect to command at least 6 months worth of income as a sale value for your website, however, the general range is even higher than that, with 6 – 12 months being the norm, and some certain niches even bringing up to 18 months worth of income.

You might be thinking that you’ll find it easy enough to sell your website by yourself, and that could possibly be true, but many of the larger public marketplaces are full of people who are looking to buy websites just to sell them on again for profit, so the amount they are willing to pay is often significantly less than a website is worth.

Not only that, because of the low entry requirements to these marketplaces, you can spend days, even weeks discussing details of the sale with someone, only for them to pull out at the last minute because they can’t afford it (or even worse, never could!), or have changed their mind, or have decided they’d like to pay less.

We all know the old saying, time is money, so paying for a professional to handle the sale may cost you money, but it will save you time, so if you value your time then handing the process over to someone who does it for a living is likely going to be the better option.

Allowing a professional service or company to sell your website or other online business for you means you’ll have a professional valuation, and know exactly what your website is worth, it’s then up to you whether you agree to sell it for less or not.

The website broker will do all of your advertising for you and will handle any questions, queries and discussions with potential buyers. Generally websites sold via brokers will achieve their true worth, sometimes even more – this is in part due to the professional nature of the brokers, and the trust that buyers place on buying from a broker, but also because a brokerage fee is usually a percentage of the final sale value, so it is in the website brokers best interest to sell your website or online business for the highest possible amount – the more they sell for, the more they get in fees.

This also helps you out, because if you’re happy with one price, and a broker manages to sell your website for more, the difference between your asking price and the actual sale price will often cover most of the broker’s commission, meaning you effectively paid nothing (or very little) for their services, and also saved your own time. That’s win-win for everyone involved, you don’t need to spend time marketing and trying to sell to possible time wasters, the buyer feels that they have a good deal and also have the security of buying through a broker, and the broker has made a percentage of the sale value.

At the end of it all, you’ve offloaded a website you no longer wanted, and made some money – what’s not to like?

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