The Big Thing This Christmas

Balance Board, Smart Scooter, Hover Board, Smart Wheel, Swegway, whatever you want to call them, the Swegway Smart Scooter is this year’s must-have Christmas Present.

Surprisingly, many of the large chain stores have chosen not to stock these, whether this is going to be the case come December, we can’t be sure, but we’ve managed to get hold of one, and we can certainly see what the hype is all about.

Riding the hoverboard (We tested Swegway Ireland’s carbon black smart wheel) was fairly easy, although it takes a few minutes to get used to the feeling from the self balancing mechanism, we were sure we were going to fall off initially, but that seemed to be due to lack of confidence. Once we got used to riding around our office, we soon figured out little tricks to keep speed around corners, and squeeze through small spaces.

Now, the reason we feel these are such a big deal and are going to be hard to get hold of, is because of the age range they suit – we’re fully grown adults and can happily scoot around on these great little gadgets, but we wanted to know if adults are the only market, so I took one home with me at the end of the day and let my siblings have ago.

My younger sister (13) loved it, and we all know how fussy teenagers can be, she spent a good half hour playing around on it, even the neighbours had a go, they run a paving firm so there was a good four or five lads testing it out before the inevitable happened – no, she didn’t fall off, the battery went flat! I hadn’t charged it since our earlier office escapade, so we popped it on charge for a few hours and then I gave my younger brother a go – he’s 9, and it’s a judgement call on your behalf whether or not you would buy one for your child at this age – I would say it depends on how sensible they are, you can build up a little bit of speed (around 15km/h) so falling off was a worry, however he got on just fine.

So this Christmas I can certainly imagine these being under a lot of Christmas trees, whether they’ll be for the adults in the family or the children, that’s up to you, but hours and hours of fun can be had by all ages, young or old, boy or girl, one size fits all.

These smart scooters come in a range of colours, the Swegway guys in Dublin which provided ours sell them in Black, Red, Blue, White, Green and Gold – so there’s something to suit everyone.

We’d recommend getting yours as soon as possible so you aren’t disappointed, as we can imagine stock will go fast!

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